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About Us

Our Mission

To provide a safe place to nurture and inspire our children, youth and women and to bring a positive impact in the community.

Our Vision

NOSTOP hopes to unify individual households through creative activities to empower children and youth and reduce children on the street in Kraaifontein and surrounding areas.

Who We Are

NOSTOP is a group of experts who strive to reach out to communities with socio-economic challenges. These include street children, poverty, gangsterism, youth unemployment and Gender Based Violence {GBV}. Our NOSTOP team offers various programmes such as: Feeding Schemes, Personal Growth and Development, Art and Music Programmes and social skills workshops to address these issues. We serve vulnerable communities in Scottsville, Scottsdene, Kraaifontein surrounding areas, Belhar and Atlantis.



CARING: we value all members of the community irrespective of their background and treat all the same. 

TRANSPARENCY: we can be trusted in dealing with personal or confidential information from the community

COMMITMENT: we are committed to improve the lives of our community.

CREATIVITY: We promote freedom of expressions, Innovations and problem-solving thinking.

RESPECT: To treat others the way you want to be treated

Our Story


According to Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), Quarterly Labour Force Survey released on 23 June 2020, the unemployment rate in South Africa has increased to 30,1% in the first quarter of 2020. The youth unemployment rate for those between the ages of 16 and 24 was around 8 percent in early 2017. Typically, teenagers report the highest rates of unemployment. Those in their early 20s are more likely to be working, but their status often depends more on whether they remain in school. Although there are various reasons for youth unemployment vis-à-vis population growth, lack of experience, inappropriate ways of searching for a job and lack of career guidance in schools, the unemployment rate for first-time jobseekers in South Africa is unacceptably high.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major setback for many households and the young people tend to bear the brunt of economic downturn, suffering greater job losses and higher unemployment rates than adults. Young people often have little or no labour market experience, and frequently lack relevant skills. The geographical isolation of the districts contributes to the high unemployment rate and welfare does not cover even necessary food supplies. As a result, social conditions remain severe and structural poverty is widely distributed in the area. Drug misuse, youth crime, gender violence, school dropouts and children ended up on the street are among typical problems for the community. It is for these reasons NOSTOP decided to intervene and to play a positive role and upliftment to the most vulnerable individuals in the community. Social evils, domestic substance abuse, violence, gunfights, which results in shooting and innocent people lost their lives and NOSTOP comes in, intervene, and play a positive role in the upliftment of our communities.


  • Our goal is to create a positive impact on vulnerable individuals in the communities as the future leaders through educational and social activities.
  • Create awareness, enhance capabilities, promote a healthy and safe lifestyle to communities.
  • Create opportunities through the Community development services/projects to the community in different categories (children, youth, adults, elderly, PWD) and to bring stability into their lives.


  • To empower children and youth in Kraaifontein and surrounding area through Arts and Culture.
  • To provide accessible creative art activities for marginalized children and youth
  • To provide a safe place for children and youths to strives forwards to healthier lifestyle and safe space.


NOSTOP believes that the healthy family and household structure leads children and youth to Never Overthink Situations and Transfer Opportunity Passionately to empower themselves and the community. We developed our theory of change based on this belief:

Tab 1

Absenteeism in parenting and financial challenges in individual household negatively impacted on children and youth in Kraaifontein and surrounding areas.

Tab 2

Children and Youth engaged in NOSTOP programmes:

  • Develop emotional Resilience
  • Learn necessary social development skills
  • Stimulate their creativity

Parents/guardians engaged in NOSTOP programmes:

  • Better parenting skills
  • Financial supports through skill training
  • Parenting support systems
Tab 2

Healthier and more stable household and community



NOSTOP is continously moving and creates an impact since 2020:

  • Our music programme are showcased on local and international media, E-Tv, Al-Jeera, Tygerburger, The Voice, The Argus
  • NOSTOP is selected as a representative of Art and Culture for Ward 111, City of Cape Town (COCT)
  • NOSTOP is selected from UK Henley Business School to participate in Henley’s MBA Executive Programme.
  • NOSTOP exclusively hosted the first Heartwork programme in the Western Cape for rehabilitations of offenders and early school leavers
  • Full band equipment received from Join Bands Not Gangs.


There are too many children and youth on the street without any adult supervision in Kraaifontein and surrounding areas. This leads to children and youth being exposed to various criminal activities, and making bad decisions in their life. The main cause of this problem is due to individual household challenges such as absenteeism in parenting or financial difficulty in the household. We believes that absenteeism in parenting has negative impacts on lives of children and youth and the community, which it leads to:

  • Low self-esteem and lacks of self-awareness.
  • Increase of low-level skills in youth, and unemployment
  • Continuous cycles of poverty and social evil within the community.



We serve the most vulnerable individuals with a warm meal during the week


There are not sufficient extra mural activities for many children in disadvantaged community. Our music programme teaches children to read music notes and play musical instruments.


We use art-making to develop the personal growth and well-being of children who are going through personal challenges or trauma. We aim to cultivate children’s mental and emotional resilience to develop a strong self-esteem and self-evidence



Our life skills programme is to find oneself for fulfilled lifestyle. We provide relevant life skills and personal support to reach the individual on an inter and intra personal level.



This programme focuses on unemployed youth in the community to equip with necessary skills. We collaborate with other organisations to provide skills training such as Computer Training and Workplace Readiness Training.


Our sustainable food development goal is to ensure nutritional food available to the community. We work with the local schools to create our own vegetable garden to add healthy harvest for residents and allow them to reduce their food bills.

Help Other People

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade.

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